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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Making Progress

A few weeks into reinstating a stricter NILIF program in my household and I have seen much improvement! We will see how this translates to going back on to stock.

In any case.. our 2o2o contacts and start line stays are looking great - so at least it has been helping with that.

With a flyball tournament just 2 weeks away, I've been doing lots of exercises with the balance ball in an effort to help Clem's back and TeeVee's strength. Clem's running straighter and TeeVee's hindquarters are filling out nicely.

Current projects are:

          jumping through arm hoops
          strengthening lower back and flexibility
          more consistent releases in flyball
          pick up/put away  (toys in basket)
          2o2o contacts
          more consistent weaves and entries
         "in the suitcase"

         better recalls and focus
         jumping through arm hoops
         "in the suitcase"
         spin in other direction
         strengthening on balance bal
         speed in flyball
         some light box work  (his turn is looking great, just working on consistency and strength)

In two weeks my flyball club is hosting a big tournament. Clem and TeeVee are sharing a spot. I am running Clem a bit more than TeeVee at this point, because I want to focus on getting her ONYX and not stress my boy out too much. He still gets very overwhelmed at tourneys and I want to take it slow so he'll continue to be successful. Another reason is that Clem doesn't do well with racing at outdoor tourneys. She gets too hot, but the heat does not affect him nearly as much. Hopefully he will be able to handle racing fulltime in the outdoor tourneys this summer and Clem can just run Vets those days.

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