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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Turn on the TeeVee

As I continue writing this blog; I'll get more into what all I do with both of my dogs.
I'd like this to overall be a bit of a training diary for me. A place where I can share some of the things that I've learned over the years - as well as communicate with other dog lovers and trainers.

While I can go on for years about my dear Clementine - I can't go too far without mentioning her adoptive-brother, TeeVee. TeeVee was adopted from Western Border Collie Rescue ( in November of 2008. Those who know Clem, know that she isn't the most playful with other dogs. Yet, over the years I realized she really had a "thing" for smooth coat Border Collie boys. I fostered for other rescues in the past and she did well with most young male dogs, but smoothies? My tuff tomboy becomes an instant flirt!

Once I met TeeVee, I knew they would be buddies for life. Within five minutes of meeting him, they were scampering all over the yard. Play bowing, wrestling, nipping. She loves to chase and he loves to BE chased. I left his foster mom's houses telling her I'd think about it and get back to her. I made it halfway around the block before going back.

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